The importance of "Me Time" & Loving Yourself

Why do we need "me time"?

So many of you out there fail to acquire a little "me time". You chase around after other people all day long. Whether its at work or home commitments like children, or family, i can guarantee you that without even realising it 80% of your day is taken up by putting other people/things before yourself. I can also guarantee you that the other 20% isn't spent on "truly" investing in yourself, its spent on everyday decisions like what to grab for lunch or what to have to drink. Greater well-being is achieved by doing the things that we enjoy as this in turn makes us feel happier. Feeling happier makes us more positive, healthy and fulfilled. Taking time to have fun, relax or do something just for us improves our well-being and sense of self-worth. Its quite often easy to think yourself as selfish or to have some guilt when spending a little on yourself, or missing the family dinner to take yourself off to an exercise class.

Why is it Selfish?

It isn't. Full stop. The very bottom line is, that you only have one shot at this life. One shot to make any changes, absorb as much experience and knowledge as possible. You are not just "mum" or "dad", or "Janice who works behind the counter" or "Joe who is a builder". You are a person, who has dreams and interests, likes and dislikes. Your occupation or situation does not define you, this is the crucial key point that you must understand. At what point did somebody come and extract your personality from you? Exactly. . . . .they didn't. Yes, we all have to get up, go to work, clean up, do the washing, make meals, care for children or family members - but, this is all secondary to who you really are. All those things keep the world turning, keep food on your plate and a roof over your head, but that is not your sole purpose in this life. So do not ever feel selfish, greedy, guilty, or complacent among many other things. This is YOUR life. You must do things that bring the best out in yourself - and consider no one else in the process.

Learn to truly love yourself!

By gathering a little "me time" you will soon start to feel a sense of empowerment. You start to realise who you truly are. Your confidence stacks up. One thing begins to change another and before you know it you start to love yourself for your own exclusivity and then comes the true realisation of your own inner strength and self worth. Self empowerment via LOVE is, in my belief, one of the most powerful tools on the planet. There isn't another you on the earth, in the solar system, galaxy or universe. Really take a moment to process that statement. Its a positive and powerful affirmation to repeat to yourself daily. Digest it, let it get into your blood stream, and into your very own energy field. Smile at yourself in the mirror and know you are perfect because you are truly unique. Everything else starts here. When you know how to love yourself, truly and completely, the world around you changes. I'm not talking about a superficial love for yourself, where you look in every shop window you pass and think you should be a model. This is way under my message here. Take a little time to look at a flower and appreciate the vivaciousness of its colours, appreciate the singing of the birds at the dawn chorus, observe the bee's and how they play a vital part in nature - you get what i'm saying. Love is all encompassing. It's free of charge. Give it out at every opportunity.


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