Lost your Motivation? Read how to get your mojo back.

So here we are - stuck at home again. All of those extra activities we take for granted in day to day life has ceased to be available yet again. All of those little luxuries we indulge in on an evening or at the weekend have been wrenched from our grasp, and quite frankly, there is jack all we can do about it other than plod on and adapt to an ever changing way of life. Some of us have had immense emotional hardship to endure and are perhaps staring at the clock wishing we could push the hands back to seize just one more moment in time. To add to an already brimming and boiling bowl of 'Extra Fed Up' flavored soup, the nights are cold and dark way too early and the days are cloudy and wet. Its a recipe for mental disaster.

Take 10 minutes to go somewhere peaceful to sit & think. Bring a pen and paper to jot down your findings. Analyze what is making you have negative mental thought patterns, look for a loop within this pattern and then you can sift through the fabric to establish and identify the catalysts. It may be something as simple as a song you are subconsciously hearing that is making you dredge up feelings from a time in your life that caused you emotional stress or a time when you had deep rooted anger towards an aspect of your life and it sets off the frequency in your brain that controls this, thus making you confront what you deem as a bad version of yourself, which in turn brings about inner conflict. Maybe you aren't feeling as fit as you once were, so stop before you have even begun through fear of failing yourself. Whatever it is, take these things as the starting point for resolution. Do not walk away from whatever it is you identify. Take hold of it and bring it out into the light.

Now that you have identified the culprit and its assailants you should think about how you can implement positive change. If it is that you have lost your mojo to exercise, and anytime you attempt it you feel bad as you are instantly reminded that you have lost some ability - turn this situation on its head. Implement positive change by setting realistic goals for yourself based on your CURRENT situation. If you were writing an essay and you find that anytime you try to put pen to paper you get writers block, or finding that every fragment of knowledge inexplicably escapes your mind when it is called upon - set yourself small designated time slots within the day to get something down on paper rather than staring at a blank page for hours, forcing your brain to try and conquer a monumental task in one sitting. Whatever it is - the bottom line is 'MAKE A PLAN'. Something realistic that shatters the cyclic loop of negativity and starts allowing your brain to weave a positive pattern of change. Remember that in the grand scheme of things, small changes add up to big ones

Absolutely anything in life that comes to successful fruition always has a clear direction from the very beginning. It is highly important that you know your direction and that you do not stray from its path. How can you strive to achieve higher levels of success in any area of your life if you do not first covet a path by which to get there? It makes sense doesn't it. Motivation transpires from seeking out a more elaborate copy than that which you already possess. Lets say you are a keen runner. You run 5k several days a week. You only end up training harder and pushing yourself because you were motivated by your success thus far, and in doing so began to search for the next step up, which would be running for longer distances. But the consistent theme is the direction not so much your training. You always knew were you was going with this. You implemented direction to achieve what you perceive to be a more successful version of your initial self, and in doing so made the acquisition of a positive change that kept true to your plan and direction.

Now that you have managed to fully open your sails to the wind of your own direction and are riding the waves of life, you must remember to reflect on the rough seas you have traversed to reach calmer waters. Life is one big bottomless journey of epic proportions. Its not all flowers and faeries. Sometimes it is a dark night and a lonely road. Regardless you have made it this far. So you must have an unwavering love for your very own self, because perhaps others may not have fared so well if they had to walk a mile in your shoes. Yet here you are, in all your glory still pursuing your goals and pushing for better. Remind yourself daily that you are amazing. Set an alarm on your phone and forget about it, give it a name like; you are perfect or don't look back. These little alarms that rudely interrupt your day will provide a nice little injection of positivity, and you will soon be smiling at yourself. If you are on a weight loss journey - stick 'that' photo of yourself onto your fridge door, or your bathroom mirror to remind yourself just how far you have come. If you are struggling with life itself and are going through emotional turmoil - practice positive affirmations. Speak to yourself as you wake - remind yourself that all is not lost. For if it was, then you would not be here in this present day, for you are indeed that which you have lost. It is in the very fabric that designed you. Stick post it notes around the house with powerful statements that you NEED to hear.

Get ready for what will possibly be the largest & most challenging mental climb of your life! Now that you are loaded with all the things you will need on your journey, you can begin to take action. One step at a time. You must learn to crawl before you can walk, walk before you can run, and run before you can sprint. There will indefinitely be challenges along the way. Things will jump out at you and convince you that the path you have chosen will lead to certain destruction and that you should just turn around and head back to where you started from. But hold firm to your direction - the top of the mountain. You, as much as anyone can get there - and you WILL. Stick to your plan, remember why you are on this journey and that you deserve the success that awaits you at the apex. Immerse yourself in the splendor of the climb. When you lose your footing, which we all do from time to time. Smile and know that there was some other path to the top that you were destined to take. Your route may have changed, but this doesn't mean that your direction has to change. Keep forcing your way along and whatever you do - NEVER look back - only forwards. Whatever is behind you cannot aid you in your journey to the top, it gave you all it had to give, it is a path already trod. You know where it leads, know its twists and turns and that is why you are now on an alternate path. Nobody will stop to help you on the climb. It is something you have to achieve yourself, your own soul journey. You must combine your own inner strength and resolve along with dedication and perseverance - commitment and vision. Call upon everything that already resides within you and you will receive that which you desire. Know that an even better version of yourself awaits you with open arms at the top. This will be all the motivation you need to get you there!

I hope this helps some of you, sometimes it feels like i start to ramble on. I know a lot of people are struggling right now with their motivation. The current crisis will not last forever. Keep aiming high. As always, if anyone needs any support & encouragement - you know where to find us.

Love & Light to you all in abundance;

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