How to stay POSITIVE in this moment in time!

We all probably agree that we are living in strange times at the moment. Cut off from life as we previously knew it. Cut off from family members. Cut off from friends. Cut off from the joy of being able to dine out, or the motivating stimulus of a good gym session. Those who are shielding or self isolating are even cut off from the freedom of the great outdoors - a simple walk to stretch your legs and get some fresh air into your lungs is a no go! Family day trips out are a no go. Holidays are cancelled. Some of you have children off school isolating, running around your feet and nagging whilst you are desperately trying to work from home! Others have lost their jobs or their business', further adding to the seemingly unfathomable bundle of internalised stress heaped upon most of the human race at this present moment in time. The pressure and the stress seems to be pretty much endless. IF you let it be that way . . . . . . .

So how then do we remain POSITIVE in what outwardly seems like a very negative situation? There are a number of things you can execute daily to make sure you are keeping the subconscious mind in an optimistic mode. This is important as the subconscious mind is a data-bank for everything. It stores your beliefs, your previous experience, your memories, your skills. Everything that you have seen, done or thought is also there. It is also your guidance system. So positivity starts here;

  1. Actively remove negative thoughts about anything in your life from your mind.

Take 10 minutes from your day to sit in a quiet place. It can be on your bed. Your kitchen floor. Your sofa. The bath. Your garage. Garden Shed. Just anywhere that you feel you can be comfortable and connect with your own mind for 10 minutes. Take deep breaths counting up to 10. Take a moment to centre yourself. Start to become aware of the thoughts your mind is producing, BUT - do not engage with them. Let them pass. Treat them like a photo album that you have no real interest in. Acknowledge that these thoughts are TRANSIENT. You have total control over which stays, and which goes. Do not engage with anything negative. Simply let it come into your minds eye and then let it pass. Negativity is not present if you actively remove it.


Random acts of kindness don't just make others feel happy, they make you feel happy also. It doesn't have to be an expensive gesture. Something as simple as telling someone they are looking healthier. Smiling at a stranger. Calling an old friend and telling them you miss them, even if 'time' has driven an invisible milestone between your last communications. Donating £5 to a charity of your choice. Leaving an anonymous small gift on a neighbours doorstep. Paying for the order of the person behind you in the McDonalds queue. Giving out positivity helps you to break out of a negative thinking loop and thus set you in a better frame of mind. If you get into a habit of doing something compassionate for another person every time you’re feeling down, stressed, anxious or hopeless, it will soon become an automatic subconscious response and your negative periods will last for increasingly shorter times.

3. Turn negatives into POSITIVES.

Retrain your brain to automatically see the light side of any situation, no matter how difficult it may be. You will need to do this deliberately at first, actively and consciously challenging your brain to see what is good about a tough experience. When little Joe knocks Grannies urn off the fire surround and sends her crashing all over the living room in plumes of ash your initial reaction will probably be to shout, scream and cry. If you pause for a second before releasing involuntary emotions into the situation, you have an option to interject positivity. Instead, laugh at the fact that Granny has bestowed her mischievous final act from wherever she now watches from, and will herself be laughing along with you. Little Joe was merely an instrument in her grand plan to break out from that ugly urn that she wishes you would switch up - how else was she supposed to let you know! Be confident that in 10 years time you will both laugh as you recall the memory. There is ALWAYS a positive to every single situation. Retrain your brain to look for the positive, after a while the subconscious will pick up the pattern and it will become automatic.

4. Your body is your TEMPLE.

Research has shown for many years now that what you eat and drink has a huge influence on your emotional state. It also impacts your approach to sleep and exercise. If you want to be a positive thinker, take an honest critical look at how you treat your body and identify potential areas for improvement. Diet is a big factor here. Are you getting all the right minerals, vitamins, nutrients and adequate water intake? Could you vary your food intake to provide yourself with better quality over all health? Eating healthy does not cost extra, but really what is the true cost anyways? Save £10 on your shopping by not buying fresh healthy foods to suffer in later years with poor health? There is just no sense in that. There are established links between vitamin deficiencies and issues like depression and anxiety. Exercise helps to boost endorphin levels in the brain, flooding you with that feel good factor. Meanwhile, not regularly getting 8 hours sleep a night increases negative thinking and anger. As you start to treat the physical parts of you with more due care and attention, the mental and emotional parts of you will respond in full by indulging your subconscious to an all you can eat buffet of POSITIVE outlook.

Those are but a few of the ways you can introduce positivity into your daily routine to implement a life long change. As time goes on you start to realise just how negative you may have been without even really realising it. Negativity is a creativity killer! It saps the life out of all situations if it is allowed to be present. You will never be at your best if you are a negative person. That is just a fact of life. ALWAYS:

.Be gratuitous - even for the smallest thing.

.Respond POSITIVELY to constructive criticism - People are trying to help you NOT hinder you.

.Refrain from judging others - it is not our place to do so!

.Be respectful to every singe living organism on this planet - its as much their earth as it is ours.

.Practice daily affirmations - YOU deserve everything POSITIVE you may wish for.

.Acknowledge your own faults - We are all constantly learning and improving each year of our lives.

.LOVE everybody & everything equally - Love even your enemy, it is their biggest weakness that they cannot love you also.

I hope this helps some of you. Even in the smallest way.


Love to you all.

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